Thursday, January 29, 2009

*Caleb Daniel*

After so much waiting, and being 3 days overdue- We finally welcomed Caleb Daniel into the world. He was 9lbs 10 oz and a happy healthy chubby little guy! :)

The story of his arrival is kinda funny - and of course happened with a bit of drama..but seriously, doesn't everything that happens with me comes along with that! Funny how most of the time its unplanned drama and thankfully always turns out okay in the end.

So here is the story..we can laugh at it now - but I didn't see it being so funny at the time.

I had an appointment with my midwife Lisa on the 22nd of December. I was 2 days overdue and seriously uncomfortable and just wanted the baby to come before Christmas. If he wasn't born in the next couple of days - I had to wait till the 29th to be induced. That was not cool, and I was upset, would have put me at 10 days over. No thanks.
So we go back to my parents for dinner - and I start having a few contractions here and there - no big deal with that bc it had been happening for weeks. (At this point I should add that I was 3cms dilated and 50% effaced. Lisa didnt think I'd go into labor for a few days)
We decided at about 830 to head home and get Breanna ready for bed. She had had a busy day. Got into the car and when we got to the house, I noticed that I didn't have my house key , and Steve has been driving my parents van, so his were locked in the house. GREAT...Guess who freaks out. ME!! I now had visions of going into labor without any of my hospital stuff. Nothing for me, nothing for baby, not even the carseat. This was turning into a nightmare. I prayed that the baby would at least hold off until morning if he was planning on coming that day.

So back to my parents we went. Our windows are pretty unbreakable and the garage door has an opener (we don't have a button however bc the previous owners didnt leave them) so it was pretty impossible to break into my own house. And at this point to call a locksmith it would be way more with a night we said we would wait until the morning.
Breanna and I went to sleep, and Steve was downstairs on my parents couch watching tv with my youngest brother Corey. I was having contractions still, but they were very irregular. I would wake up a couple times an hour but try to drift back to sleep -- until around 2am. At this point, I was getting uncomfortable and they were about 5minutes apart. I went downstairs to get him at 430 when I couldn't take it anymore , and Breanna was awake in my arms. We decided that yes this was labor, and we needed in that house. So around 530, we called and started looking for various 24 hour locksmiths in the area. Only 1 company was able to work with us, and still even then no one could meet Steve until 7am.
He went, and I got into my parents tub for some relief - that is what I used back with Breanna as well and for some reason it helps take some of the pain. I figured it was almost time to call the midwife - but seeing as my stuff for her was even at my house - we'd be going to the hospital or she would have to stop at her clinic first. I had a feeling we'd be going straight to the hospital.

When he got back it was about 730am. I made a joke saying that if this baby is born before lunch, I wanted swiss chalet. Hahah and everyone laughed, but didn't think that would happen - excpet me who kept saying it because I knew he was coming sooner than later this time.
We left for the hospital at 8ish and by the time I got into the car (which almost didnt happen bc I could hardly walk to the car at this point) and arrived around 830 into the labor room. I was already 8cms and within half an hour was fully dilated and ready to rock. Caleb was born with 5 contractions at 9:29am! 7 hour labor..thankyou very much!!!

He was a healthy little guy but we had to stick around so he could have glucose testing done because of his weight, or I would have been discharged at 1130am. Breanna came to visit us at the hospital, and it was awesome getting to see her face when she first saw her new brother. I didn't want to have to say goodbye, but I knew we would be home later that day. We got to leave at 5pm!

What a day! And the funny thing is, just as we were was the beginnings of a major snowstorm!


Here are some pictures from the same day. I love the one with Breanna and Steve.
They are so cute together.

*Christmas Round 1 - December 14.08-

We had our first Christmas with my Grandparents and Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin before Christmas - it was December 14th because we all were going to be busy the next couple of weeks - not to mention the baby was due the following week.

We had a great time, and everyone was happy and enjoying being together.

Of course, Breanna was spoiled. She made out like a bandit. lol