Tuesday, May 17, 2011

*Today's Wordless*

As the saying goes " A picture is worth a million words"....

Monday, May 16, 2011

*Already failed :*( *

I have already failed on the 365 challenge, and sadly it didn't even last a month. Missed more days then it's worth, and trying to update is just a big pain when I'm missing half the pics. Should I keep going and try to fill in the blanks? I just don't have the time to sit and update daily...heck some days I don't even take pics (if you can actually believe that coming from me ;) )
 So I'm sorry and instead I think I will make sure I have some weekly pics to post. 
The idea of project 365 is a fantastic idea...just one that I don't have time to commit to.

-Until next time.



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DAY 26
*May 8.11
This isn't very clear as its from my phone..but I love how crazy his hair was on this day !

*Did You Just Hear That???*

DAY 25 

Last weekend the time had come to open the trailer. We were all so excited to get up there, especially the kids. Caleb was too small to remember much from last year, but B sure did and couldn't wait for it. 
We packed up some lunch, and toys and hit the road. 

As Steve was getting everything ready to go -- he heard a noise coming from the wall. Little did we know we had a fam of Raccoons living inside. They were adorable and eyes not even open yet. 
I struggled on whether to bring them home with me (to get them to the spca where they would be properly taken care of) or leave them to see if the mama would return for her young. 
I left them! It was a sad decision, but I think we made the right one.  This was my pic for the 365 and omgoodness they were adorable!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

DAY 21

I love watching the bond between brothers! It's something that I never got to experience with a sibling of the same gender bc I was the only girl. There's definately something awesome about it, and as they grow that bond is just going to get stronger! This was one of those moments where as a mom I just sat back and let them play. I loved every minute of it. As I ran for the camera I was worried they'd move. 

Day 22 

My little guy is growing like a weed. 5 and a half months already!

DAY 23

I have similar pics of the other 2 kids doing the exact same thing around the same ages. 5 months brings on terrible teething, so an apple with the skin intact is a life saver right from the fridge. This lasted a good half hour before he got bored.

*Dear 16 Year Old Me*..or someone else :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

*365 - Days 13-20

Okay ...okay I know that I'm a wee bit behind. Things have been crazy here the last week and I didn't have time to get on. But, here I am and ready to update. 

DAY 13

 The other part of the activity center was upstairs helping the kids with the rainy week that we had , so I guess they wanted to figure out a way to swing without the other half. Ha. I gotta give them the credit for being creative.

Day 14

 B and Caleb decided to go play downstairs as I was putting away laundry (we didn't have any daycare friends on this day so it was just the 2 of them playing together)
When I came downstairs...they were having a picnic together, it was so cute!! I just had to share.

DAY 15

Peaceful Ethan! 

Day 16
I love this picture of Caleb. 

Day 17

This was B's 4th Birthday. She had such a great day. I love this picture bc she was truly excited to open this present. 
Hard to believe that she isn't a baby, or toddler anymore..she's growing up into quite the little lady. 

Day 18 

Yet another rainy day! Breanna got a paint set for her birthday..so they both decided to have some fun! I think more paint got onto their bodies then the paper...hahah

Day 19

For this day I forgot to take a picture (May 2nd) instead I added Ethan enjoying the swing in the yard. 

Day 20

The kids decided that the rain wasn't gonna stop them from playing outside.