Wednesday, September 24, 2008

*Rainforest Jungle Fun*

This is so much fun. It is a blowup toy that comes with 75 balls (to drive mom crazy of course when she has to pick them all up)

*The beginnings of Fall*

Growing up at our house, my mom always had decorations for the upcoming seasons. And, as a kid I remember looking forward to getting to put everything out. I went out this past weekend and bought a few things for fall. My scare crows are my favorite! Breanna also got a baby one, who was just a little too small for the garden - but the perfect size for her to play with around the house.

*Fun at the park with Mommy and Daddy*

This past weekend the weather was amazing, it was sunny and warm the entire time . It was nice to not see rain or colder weather.

On saturday afternoon we headed to the park for some fun before dinner.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

*Little People Friends*

Breanna has started collecting the Little people sets by Fisher Price and they are really cute.

She loves playing with them, and kisses each and every one before putting them away for the night.

its so cute!

*Afternoon Walk*

Yesterday it was a chilly day, we needed coats for our walk after lunch.

It was really starting to look and feel like fall, Breanna was playing with the leaves that had fallen from the previous night with the big storm that we had. She was really interested. Its not the first leaf she has seen on the ground but she enjoyed picking them up, and feeling them.

We still are having warmer days, but it was a nice change and we got to try out the new rain coat and boots. Our park was very wet and mucky due to all the rain - but I was not about to keep us inside when the sun was shining.

Friday, September 12, 2008

*Wings Of Paradise*

Breanna and I had the chance to visit the Wings Of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory this past week. I had been once before when we first moved into the area, but didn't remember everything.
It was a great experience for Breanna and her friend Brooklynn, but the only downfall was it was way too humid for someone pregnant. Lol.
We got to see many different butterflies and also little birds that were free to fly.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

*We're having a party??? Well...kinda :) *

The weekend that we got possession of our new house, Breanna had her 1st birthday party. So alot of the stuff from the party came directly over in bags from my mom's house.
I have the new babys nursery right now being used as a "storage spot" with all the random boxes that don't have homes yet.

Yesterday afternoon it was rainy, so I decided to go through some of the stuff. Breanna found the bag full of goodies and had a blast with party horns, hats, streemers, and all the elmo stuff she could play with.

We had so much fun with these hats, and she wore it most of the afternoon...we were laughing and laughing and just having a great time inside when we couldn't be out.

I don't know what is going to happen once the winter comes, because this little girl loves to be outdoors, but hates the snow. I am hoping that will change this year. Or I am in for a long couple of months!

*Brandi's Baby Shower*

My best friend Bree's cousin Brandi had her baby shower on Sunday, and Breanna and I were invited.

She is due November 10th, 2008 and doesn't know what she is having (My prediction is Girl bc she is so sick, and also carrying high)

We had a great afternoon full of games, food and presents. She was spoiled rotten and that baby sure has everything it needs now! :)

All we need the baby!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

*Fall Fair*

This past weekend was the Cambridge Fall Fair. I've never been to it since moving here, so we decided to check it out and see what it was like.

I was hoping that they would have all the animals and craft tents, but it was just rides, rides and more rides. They had a vendors building, and that was fun to look through, but we didn't end up buying anything.

Most of the rides were for the older kids, but Breanna went on the huge slide ride twice. She loved it and wasn't afraid at all - I was the one who had that dept covered!!
It was cute because as soon as they went down, her hands were in the air and she had the biggest smile on her face. It was too hard to capture because it went so fast. Then I took her on the merry go round. She liked it for the first couple minutes then wasn't too sure and we just ended up standing in the middle watching everyone go around and around waiting for the ride to stop.

Breanna played a game herself, and won a frog and then Steve played a game and won a frog bigger than me! Hahaha.

It was starting to get dark when we left, but it was great for the first time with Breanna and she was starting to get tired but she loved watching all the lights and hearing the sounds.

*24.5 weeks*

I figured that it was time to post a tummy pic, as I am starting to really look (and feel) pregnant.

This was from last week and it seems like everyday I am getting bigger and bigger.

The little man is super active and loves to wiggle and play in there! Im starting to be able to see him moving through my belly. Now thats when I know that it's not much longer!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

*Rain Boots*

These boots have been worn inside more than used outside at this point.

Breanna loves her rain boots, and wears them everyday!!!

Now because of this, hopefully it will be easy to get her to wear snow boots once winter comes...she isn't a fan of snow!!!

I thought this pic was cute, so I just had to post it.
Looks like she is waiting for the water to come out of the washer !

An Afternoon Adventure

Today was one of those days where we both wanted to just be outside. After lunch we headed out with a backpack full of the things we would need, and no real plan as to where we would end up.

I took Breanna to the river to see what kinds of creatures were out and about today. It was hot hot but at one point was a bit overcast, perfect for finding wildlife. We found our bird friend looking for his lunch, and also came across 3 turtles sun tanning on the rocks. Breanna loves finding the animals and gets so excited when we see something.

We also headed for an ice cream because soon enough our shop will be closed for the season.

Then it was to the park. Breanna is able to climb up everything pretty much herself. She gets a bit of help on the ramp but other than that she can be independent and loves to be with the other kids. Today was pretty quiet with school being back in, and usually mid week everyone who is at home is doing house work. So we had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

*B At The Beach*

To celebrate labor day weekend - the last long weekend in the summer, we decided to head up north for the weekend.
It was the first time we had been to a big beach all summer, and breanna loved every minute of it.

Kincardine is a great place to take the family because the beach goes on for miles, but it's not overly packed so I didn't have to worry about others being rough or too close to Breanna when she was playing at the water.

We also went to the conservation area in Durham the following day and just puttered around in the water looking for creatures. Breanna and I enjoyed playing in the sand and making our own "creatures" out of her sand toys.