Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Afternoon Adventure

Today was one of those days where we both wanted to just be outside. After lunch we headed out with a backpack full of the things we would need, and no real plan as to where we would end up.

I took Breanna to the river to see what kinds of creatures were out and about today. It was hot hot but at one point was a bit overcast, perfect for finding wildlife. We found our bird friend looking for his lunch, and also came across 3 turtles sun tanning on the rocks. Breanna loves finding the animals and gets so excited when we see something.

We also headed for an ice cream because soon enough our shop will be closed for the season.

Then it was to the park. Breanna is able to climb up everything pretty much herself. She gets a bit of help on the ramp but other than that she can be independent and loves to be with the other kids. Today was pretty quiet with school being back in, and usually mid week everyone who is at home is doing house work. So we had a lot of fun.

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