Thursday, November 27, 2008


Breanna and I decided to spend an afternoon baking treats. She loved every second of being able to help mommy in the kitchen :)

*And now for the inside*

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

*Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas*

With this being my first house, I have to start collecting decorations for Christmas. This is one of my favorite holidays - like most peoples, and I come from a family who all have houses full of Christmas this time of year.

I decided that with a very active 18 month old, a baby due in about 3 weeks, and a kitten who still has claws that a christmas tree is out this year. That is one of my favorite parts, but we will just have to go and appreciate my moms even more. Next year however, I am getting one :)

This is the beginnings of our outside. Next year I hope to have lights hanging, And I still am getting garland to go around the banister, possibly the garage and a big festive wreathe.

Monday, November 24, 2008

*Breanna's Big Girl Bed*

With a new baby coming, it was time for Breanna to be a big girl and get her own "big girl bed". I am trying to make the transition as easy and comforting as possible , to the girl who doesn't sleep very well. She was super excited to sit on it, and even tried the good old "jumping on the bed".

It's the perfect little bed for her to get adjusted to.

*Phase 2 of Baby Boy Room*

It's still a work in progress...but here is what the crib looks like and the first picture is the new change table I got from ikea. Kinda nice, seeing as I didn't have one with Breanna. There still is a lot of work that needs to be done -- I have a whole lot of clothes that need folded, some pictures and shelves need to hung, but at least it's on the way to being ready for the baby when he comes!!

Time has flown by, I can't believe it's less than a month till my duedate!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

*A Work In Progress*

Everyone has been asking to see what color I chose to paint the new is a sneak peak. This is it in the works of being painted. Love the green color, and its a safari theme so everything is going to be bright for the little guy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

*20 degrees on a November afternoon*

Breanna and I had a blast yesterday afternoon at the park - without coats, hats or even mitts!
The weather was sunny and perfect - almost like a spring afternoon. It reached 20 degrees C here - which is quite a change from the week before.

I'm taking advantage of this because next week they are calling for chilly again - I've been ignoring my housework and going to enjoy the sunshine!

Monday, November 3, 2008

*Happy Halloween

*Carving The Great Pumpkin*

5 pumpkins to carve- and a little curious B who has her first experience with pumpkin guts. Hahah it was a fun and exciting night for everyone.

I had my family come over to help us carve the 4 that we had got, and they brought one over as well.

This is my favorite pic from the night - B was trying to scoop the insides out and the pumpkin was almost as big as she is!

*Halloween Parade*

Thursday October 30.08 we went to the mall for a halloween parade. This is the 2nd annual - and also the 2nd for us because we went lastyear. Breanna and her friends Brooklynn and Ashton walked around the mall collecting treats from stores showing off their costumes. Well....everyone but B bc she wouldn't wear hers (until we got home)

It was a lot of fun, and sooo many kids and their moms, dad's and caregivers were there to have some trick or treats.

B and my mom got the candy together! I think they both enjoyed themselves.

The pictures with Breanna in her costume were from when we got home - she then thought it would be okay to wear it. :-) So we had some fun.

Next year we will see what happens as we will have another little guy to join in on the fun, and also sadly Brooklynn and her parents will be moving away. Maybe they will be able to come down and enjoy the day still .