Thursday, July 31, 2008

The 3 Muskateers reunited!

Yesterday we had a get together with our friends from "Pre-natal"group. It's crazy to see how much each of them have changed over the last few months. They all seem to have fun together, and get along great. We've never had any problems :)

Over the past 15 months, Breanna has grown quite attached to Brooklynn and Ashton and I hope that these 3 will be able to grow up together. We may not all live in the same town forever, but hopefully they will be able to still keep contact and visit eachother over time.

Breanna and Ruby

This week has been hectic around our house with 2 kids under 2 running around. I am babysitting Ruby for a friend of mine until Friday. Ruby is 19 months old and Breanna is 15 months.

For the most part, I have been trying to keep the girls entertained with toys, trips to the park, playing with the water and just having fun with each other.

The weather has for the most part cooperated, only having a rainy inside day yesterday.

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's a BOY!

With being almost half way through this pregnancy, it was finally time for my first ultrasound today. I had suspicions that this baby was going to be a boy, for the simple fact that things have been much different this time around.

Well...I was correct, and the little guy wasn't shy to show me either!! Lol. Happy to say that as far as it stands, he's healthy and strong. Only 21 weeks left to go till my little man arrives!
*We've already had talks about coming BEFORE christmas, or I will be kicking him out of current residence* HAHAH.

*A Day At The Museum*

On Saturday afternoon we wanted to go somewhere that was fun but also in a cool environment, lately it has been too hot to be outside for long periods of time. I had heard about a children's museum just down the street in kitchener from us. I wasn't exactly sure how much Breanna would get out of it, seeing as she is still only 14 months. But, figured that we would give it a try anyways. They have a dinosaur exhibit there right now, and also one to "discover the arctic" which I have really been taking an interest in with all the global warming issues surrounding the polar I was looking forward to that part mostly.

When we got there, we found out they actually had a ton of stuff for B's age group. On the main floor they had a stage set up for demonstrations and interactive shows for kids (that afternoon they were featuring mad science, and we skipped because i knew she wouldnt sit for the whole thing). They also had a giant screen for making shapes behind the light, blocks and cubes for the little ones to play with, fish tanks full of tropical fish, a seperate toddler section full of textures for the kids to learn from feeling.

The 2nd floor was called "The Urban Streetscape Project" and also an "express yourself" section. This had a bunch of historical spots around kitchener/waterloo and only the first phase was open, but we got some really fun pictures, including Breanna and I sitting infront of THE BEAT GOES ON (For those of you that know our family, you know that my brother bill actually works there) so it was fun. We then went to the other side where Breanna enjoyed every minute of it. THey had a water table, the pins we all loved to play with as kids (I stuck my tummy in and make a cast of the baby) and had a giant maze made of material for the kids to climb through.

3rd floor was "Discovery of the dinosaur" and this was cool. They had bones with information explaining where they were from and then usually followed a diagram. There were working models complete with sound that made you feel like you were back in time. B and me went on an "archelogical dig" in the sand (which was actually a huge box full of rice that had cut outs of dino tracks underneath) and she did not want to leave this station! We rode a life size dino, learned what its like to live in their environment and even heard some sounds.

The Final Floor was "discovering the Arctic" and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. They only had some boards set up with information and a few artifacts from inuit people. We did however get to see how much a polar bear weighs in comparison to us. Breanna wasn't even on the scale when she tried it out.

It was a great day, and they change the exhibits a couple times a year, so we will for sure be going back for more discovery!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening at my parents house. Thankfully we had our first "rain free" day in almost 2 weeks so it was great getting outside to the sunshine. Breanna was playing with her Uncle Corey, and his girlfriend Crystal in the grass, and with his lacrosse sticks. She kept stealing the balls, but was loving every minute of playing with them.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Going for a stroll

Breanna has been obsessed with strollers since she was big enough to start standing on her own. She loves her big stroller and whenever she can, tries to push it herself. Seeing as its a bit too big for her, i wanted to try and find one that was more her size. Let's just say it was a goose chase here trying to find a stroller for under $60. I searched EVERY store possible in our area, only to come out empty handed. There was 1 at a local toy store, it was was $69.00. A bit on the pricey side for something that I didn't know exactly how much use it was going to get.

I then tried a bit of online surfing to see what else I could come up with. I found several in the states, but most of them again by the time I paid for the stroller, taxes and the shipping it was going to be alot.

...But then I got lucky! Toys r us was having a sale and in their online flyer...what do I FIND: baby doll strollers ! And they were a decent price too. SOLD.

Breanna loves it and has been pushing all of her dollys daily. I can't wait to take her outside so she can push it around (if it ever stops raining)

Breanna and I went for a walk on Friday night to the water, not sure what we would find. It was an overcast day so I didn't expect to find much. But, to my suprise we saw the blue heron. He lives at the river, but we rarely get to see him. This is the 2nd time that we have gotten a great glimpse of him. I think the trick is going out when the sun is behind the clouds, he seems to come to the same spot looking for fish. Breanna and I watched him for about 20 minutes trying to get some dinner for himself...and it was neat to watch because you could see him(I guess I should be saying him/her because its hard to distinguish between the males and females) watching in the water for fish to swim by and grab. We saw 2 fish being caught and eaten which was really cool!

I love these birds, and it reminds me of the memories from our cottage when we had one that lived on our lake. Most mornings you would see it standing either in the weeds just to the right of our cottage, or walking along the dock.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Some fun in the sun.

Yesterday was so hot that it was almost impossible to play outside with Breanna. The humidex made it feel 37 degrees c and being pregnant just made me want to jump into the nearest body of water and stay there (that or go find some snow). Our friends Sharon and Brooklynn (We have known them awhile now, and both of the babies knew eachother before we even did. Through our Midwife clinic we took prenatal classes on Tuesday evenings together) came over after lunch and we headed to the park that is across from my street with bathing suits in hand for the splash pad. I figured it was going to be busy, seeing as everyone needed to try and find ways to keep cool.

Breanna has already been once before, but this was a totally new experience for Brooklynn. I was suprised that it wasn't overly busy, a couple families having picnics and taking advantage of the park. We got them all ready to go..and the first pic posted was them walking towards the water together. There is a smaller playground off to the side of the splashpad with the swings and a smaller slide for younger kids, and both decided that the sand looked fun. But it didn't take long for B to be jumping and running though that water!

Poor Miss Brooklynn was a bit timid and didn't enjoy the water. She watched from a far as Breanna was having fun splashing, and decided to go for a walk in the grass with her mom.
After we were finished we headed back to my house (nice and air conditioned) for some freezies where the girls could play! It was a great afternoon! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Rainbow out my window

It's been such a long time since I've had the chance to see a rainbow..until yesterday that is.

Breanna and I woke up to Thunder rumbling in the distance, so I figured we were in for another storm. In the backyard it looked like the sky was starting to clear, but out the front window it was black as anything! Then all of a sudden the sun started to shine through a bit, and I looked out the window at just the right time I guess because I saw the biggest rainbow. Breanna and I went out to take these pictures in our jammies.

It was so pretty, and a great way to start the morning. We never ended up having that storm!! Just a lot of sunshine and extreme heat.


This past week we went away on holidays up to Durham, where we have family. It was great to get away for a few days..and I know Breanna had a blast. We kept her so busy that she ended up being exhausted, but it was a great experience. The weather held up amazing, except for the Monday which ended up being pants and sweatshirt weather...(that was the day she was holding the football in the pic above) but every other day was hot, humid and perfect for the pool and the beach.

Breanna's Grammies took her to the beach on Sunday, which was her first experience in the water (the year previous at thanksgiving she dipped her toes into the lake, but that doesn't count to actually getting in) She was such a water baby, and we had trouble getting her to come out when it was time to come home. The lake was freezing, but it didn't bother her, she was in up to her shoulders at one point, splashing around and just having fun. I enjoyed every minute getting to watch her experience something new and exciting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Before having my daughter, I had a blog or two. They were always about weekends out with friends, events we had been at, or what was going on with our group . This time around, life is so much different and I find my life mainly focused on my daughter Breanna.

My boyfriend Steve and I purchased our first home this past may, and are expecting a baby due in December. Breanna and I are alone all week, as Steve works on the road. I thought this would also benefit him as I can keep it updated (in case I forget to tell him some stuff) and he can enjoy all the stories and pics along with everyone else.

So this is it for now, but keep checking back as I will try to update a few times a week. Breanna and I usually have some adventures now and then and come up with some pretty interesting pics and stories. It will keep you entertained in one way or another I'm sure.