Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Before having my daughter, I had a blog or two. They were always about weekends out with friends, events we had been at, or what was going on with our group . This time around, life is so much different and I find my life mainly focused on my daughter Breanna.

My boyfriend Steve and I purchased our first home this past may, and are expecting a baby due in December. Breanna and I are alone all week, as Steve works on the road. I thought this would also benefit him as I can keep it updated (in case I forget to tell him some stuff) and he can enjoy all the stories and pics along with everyone else.

So this is it for now, but keep checking back as I will try to update a few times a week. Breanna and I usually have some adventures now and then and come up with some pretty interesting pics and stories. It will keep you entertained in one way or another I'm sure.


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