Wednesday, December 30, 2009

*Say Cheese*

*Christmas Morning* 2009

I took a ton of pics Christmas morning, but figured just these 2 were good for on here. We had an amazing Christmas together as a family. It was definitely one of the best ones we've had in our new house together.

Things had been a bit crazy with Caleb's 1st birthday on the 23rd, then we had family over for dinner on the 24th. But it was so much fun and we enjoyed every minute of it.

This is what Santa brought for the kids. B wanted dress up clothes and a barbie. Caleb got a pick up truck like his sisters car. The look on their faces was priceless.

*Happy 1st Birthday Caleb*

Caleb's birthday is December 23rd so we thought we'd have a little family birthday party for him. It sucks having a birthday so close to another holiday, but I promised him that no matter what he will always have a birthday separate from Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

*Jingle Bells *

*Caleb's On The Move*

Caleb is quite proud of himself for being able to keep up with the other kids now. He is all over the place, and loves being able to do his own thing.

*Christmas Photos* - Attempt 1 and 2

Monday, December 7, 2009

*I'm walking...yes indeed*

*I see a mousie in my housie*

B had some of her halloween costumes out to look at last week, and came out of her room wearing this. It was so cute, especially when she started making "mouse noises" and chasing after me wanting Cheese. Hahah. It was awesome!

*Waiting for Santa*:-)

On Saturday (December 5th 2009) was our Santa Parade in Hespler. It was actually a great day for it bc the weather was chilly but not bone chilling cold. Steve was working o/t so it was the kids and I that walked over. B was enjoying seeing all the different people, and Caleb was soaking it all in as well. It was about an hour, but worth every minute seeing how happy the kids were.
These are the moments as a parent that I will never forget.