Tuesday, August 26, 2008

*Koen's 3rd Birthday*

Koen's 3rd birthday party was on Sunday at Lion's Lagoon. It was a gorgeous afternoon and great for having a picnic in the park.

The theme of his birthday was from the Disney Pixar movie "Cars" and so everything was based around that.

Breanna had a great time seeing her little friends and playing in the grass and on the playground. We never made it into the water because it was getting late when we had to leave, but she didn't even seem to care really.

Monday, August 25, 2008

*The Face Only A Mom Can Love*

On Friday Night we had some spaghetti...B couldn't get it into her mouth fast enough.

She was loving it, and all she kept saying was "Mmmmmm"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some fun at the park

Tuesday the weather was great, nice and sunny but not too hot.

Breanna and I headed over to the park after lunch for some fun in the grass, playing on the playground and then the splash pad. I wanted to get her out as much as possible because the weather has either been so hot or rainy, so it was a great day to have some fun.

We went twice. It was funny bc Breanna has never liked swings, but she wanted to go in, we got on and then not even 2 pushes later she was ready to get out.

Monday, August 18, 2008

*Picnic In The Park*

We went for a picnic with my grandparents yesterday. It was one of the hottest days we've had in the past couple of weeks, but that didn't stop us from having fun.

Breanna enjoyed being able to run around - shoeless and explore everything around us. It was at Waterloo park, but at the back part where there is a lot of open fields. My gramma made an awesome lunch for us, and we played some games (Breanna loves Water balloons after discovering them)

They have a huge splash pad (The Lizzards lagoon) which was full of fun sprinklers and water guns and tons of stuff to keep the kids cool. She loved running through the frog splasher and then ended the afternoon with a freezee that was almost as tall as she was!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Lady

I love this picture, and just had to post it.
This little girl already carries a purse EVERYWHERE..and she is only 15 months!

I am in trouble when the real makeup and clothes and purses come out.

Haha she has started wearing everyone's shoes around the house.

A Little Gardener

One of Breanna's favorite things to do when we are outside is water plants. She started this at my Parent's house because my mom has a large amount of them in her garden, including the grape vines in the backyard.

So when I planted the ones at my house, she took it upon herself to make sure they are watered everyday!

Lol...what a little home maker I have.

Monday, August 11, 2008

On saturday night on the way home from a visit with my parents, we saw a double rainbow!!!!
The entire day had been rainy and stormy, so this was nice to see...not to mention full of "luck"

I was lucky enough to see a single rainbow earlier this summer, but its been years since I've seen a double rainbow.

So awesome! It was so bright, and could be seen pretty much everywhere. This shot is heading off my mom's street, and then as soon as we got home, I had it even brighter outside my back window~!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Toronto Zoo

Yesterday we decided that it would be a lot of fun to head to the Metro Toronto Zoo. They were calling for rain, but we were hopeful that it would hold off at least a couple hours so we could go and enjoy the animals.

It was packed, I guess a lot of other people were thinking along the same lines, so I was a bit disappointed that we had to wait at some exhibits. At the beginning, there wasn't a cloud in the sky as we walked along and saw some of the outside animals, including the Rhino, some monkeys, and all the butterflies. As we headed to the tigers, it was getting cloudy. *Fingers crossed* I kept thinking. But...we weren't that lucky and it started to rain.

Because of this I tried to hit all the inside pavilions that were around the area, so we wouldn't have to be out walking as much, trying to keep dry as much as possible. Breanna was fascinated with all the rocks and textured walls that were around, and loved walking up and down the stairs. She got to see the otters up close, who were being fed by the keepers so they were quite playful and she loved being up at the glass to see them.

A new exhibit they have right now is called "Stingray Bay" where they have a giant pool (looked very similar to the water fountains in the middle of the malls) and had baby stingrays. You could walk up and pet them, or feed them with fish between your fingers letting them "suck" it out. It was really cool, and I wanted to touch them, but there were signs posted everywhere warning about seafood allergies...and I am severly allergic to shellfish so I had to just sit back and watch, but it was still really cool. I don't know if its just for this year, or if they will be keeping this exhibit but I hope they do.

We missed out on a lot of the bigger animals because they are all in walking distance, but we will be going back before the summer is over to get more action. We had a great day regardless of the weather and saw so many interesting things!

*B And Her New Wheels*

This has been my favorite thing to watch Breanna play with this week. I know a lot of little kids have these cars, and she is at the perfect age to have some real fun with it. She can get in it herself and shut the door, honk the horn, and pretend to drive...but as far as travelling in it...she needs some help with it being pushed.

I had been looking at a few different ones, and decided on the classic coupe by little tikes! And got it for a great steal at Walmart!! I know we are going to have endless fun with this in the years to come!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

20 Weeks to go..

Half way to little mister's arrival, and I am starting to really feel pregnant.

Everyone has been asking for a recent belly pic, so here is one from today. It was so hot...summer has almost done me in this year. I am not doing so well with all this humidity, but am thankful for a/c and my pool. Lol.

*The Beginnings Of My Gardens*

So when Steve and I bought this house...there was no attempt at a front Garden with the previous owners. It was pretty much just a mound of ugly grass and dirt..complete with wild and crazy trees that no one seemed to care about.

We thought that putting in some flowers would clean up the front a bit, and also add some character. This is my first experience with an actual flower garden, (I've had the odd plant when I lived at my student houses, and of course my mom has always had gardens) and so far I think it is turning out nice. Of course, there is a lot of work that still needs done, but because its already August, most of the flowers won't be back until next year. Still, I wanted to get it started so that I'll be able to prepare it in the fall.