Sunday, August 10, 2008

Toronto Zoo

Yesterday we decided that it would be a lot of fun to head to the Metro Toronto Zoo. They were calling for rain, but we were hopeful that it would hold off at least a couple hours so we could go and enjoy the animals.

It was packed, I guess a lot of other people were thinking along the same lines, so I was a bit disappointed that we had to wait at some exhibits. At the beginning, there wasn't a cloud in the sky as we walked along and saw some of the outside animals, including the Rhino, some monkeys, and all the butterflies. As we headed to the tigers, it was getting cloudy. *Fingers crossed* I kept thinking. But...we weren't that lucky and it started to rain.

Because of this I tried to hit all the inside pavilions that were around the area, so we wouldn't have to be out walking as much, trying to keep dry as much as possible. Breanna was fascinated with all the rocks and textured walls that were around, and loved walking up and down the stairs. She got to see the otters up close, who were being fed by the keepers so they were quite playful and she loved being up at the glass to see them.

A new exhibit they have right now is called "Stingray Bay" where they have a giant pool (looked very similar to the water fountains in the middle of the malls) and had baby stingrays. You could walk up and pet them, or feed them with fish between your fingers letting them "suck" it out. It was really cool, and I wanted to touch them, but there were signs posted everywhere warning about seafood allergies...and I am severly allergic to shellfish so I had to just sit back and watch, but it was still really cool. I don't know if its just for this year, or if they will be keeping this exhibit but I hope they do.

We missed out on a lot of the bigger animals because they are all in walking distance, but we will be going back before the summer is over to get more action. We had a great day regardless of the weather and saw so many interesting things!

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