Friday, November 27, 2009

*Caleb* - I wear my sunglasses at night

This picture is just too cute...I had to post it.

*Christmas Tree*

First Christmas Tree for our home. Last year I didn't bother putting one up with Caleb being due at Christmas, and a new kitten with claws. We enjoyed the one at my parents--However..this's a different story.

We're having Christmas Eve here at our house, so I wanted to have a tree...not only for everyone else to enjoy, but also for all the presents to be put under for the kids to wake up to on Christmas morning.

We had fun setting it up and decorating it.

*Outside FUN in November*

This is some of the fun we've had outside this past month. Near the beginning it was so warm, all the kids needed was a sweatshirt, but towards the end a fall jacket and a hat worked just fine.

Quite a change from the usual cold temperatures and snow that we've had the past couple of novembers. It was nice to be able to get the kids out to play at the park and in the sandbox, rather than plunking them down in the snow

*Halloween x4*

*Happy Halloween*

Halloween was tons of fun this year. With our luck, it fell on a Saturday, so Steve was off to enjoy everything with us.

B wanted to be a princess this year, so my mom (mee mee ) made her this beautiful dress. Way better then I could have done...mine would have been store bought. Breanna was so excited. She looked absolutely adorable too.

Caleb was the chicken that B wore for her 1st Halloween too. He was happy in it. No fights or tears at all.

We carved pumpkins at my parents house - this picture is B and Steves creation. He let B draw the face that she wanted, and then we cut it out.