Friday, July 18, 2008

Some fun in the sun.

Yesterday was so hot that it was almost impossible to play outside with Breanna. The humidex made it feel 37 degrees c and being pregnant just made me want to jump into the nearest body of water and stay there (that or go find some snow). Our friends Sharon and Brooklynn (We have known them awhile now, and both of the babies knew eachother before we even did. Through our Midwife clinic we took prenatal classes on Tuesday evenings together) came over after lunch and we headed to the park that is across from my street with bathing suits in hand for the splash pad. I figured it was going to be busy, seeing as everyone needed to try and find ways to keep cool.

Breanna has already been once before, but this was a totally new experience for Brooklynn. I was suprised that it wasn't overly busy, a couple families having picnics and taking advantage of the park. We got them all ready to go..and the first pic posted was them walking towards the water together. There is a smaller playground off to the side of the splashpad with the swings and a smaller slide for younger kids, and both decided that the sand looked fun. But it didn't take long for B to be jumping and running though that water!

Poor Miss Brooklynn was a bit timid and didn't enjoy the water. She watched from a far as Breanna was having fun splashing, and decided to go for a walk in the grass with her mom.
After we were finished we headed back to my house (nice and air conditioned) for some freezies where the girls could play! It was a great afternoon! :)

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