Monday, November 3, 2008

*Halloween Parade*

Thursday October 30.08 we went to the mall for a halloween parade. This is the 2nd annual - and also the 2nd for us because we went lastyear. Breanna and her friends Brooklynn and Ashton walked around the mall collecting treats from stores showing off their costumes. Well....everyone but B bc she wouldn't wear hers (until we got home)

It was a lot of fun, and sooo many kids and their moms, dad's and caregivers were there to have some trick or treats.

B and my mom got the candy together! I think they both enjoyed themselves.

The pictures with Breanna in her costume were from when we got home - she then thought it would be okay to wear it. :-) So we had some fun.

Next year we will see what happens as we will have another little guy to join in on the fun, and also sadly Brooklynn and her parents will be moving away. Maybe they will be able to come down and enjoy the day still .

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