Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*Did You Just Hear That???*

DAY 25 

Last weekend the time had come to open the trailer. We were all so excited to get up there, especially the kids. Caleb was too small to remember much from last year, but B sure did and couldn't wait for it. 
We packed up some lunch, and toys and hit the road. 

As Steve was getting everything ready to go -- he heard a noise coming from the wall. Little did we know we had a fam of Raccoons living inside. They were adorable and eyes not even open yet. 
I struggled on whether to bring them home with me (to get them to the spca where they would be properly taken care of) or leave them to see if the mama would return for her young. 
I left them! It was a sad decision, but I think we made the right one.  This was my pic for the 365 and omgoodness they were adorable!!!!

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