Wednesday, May 4, 2011

*365 - Days 13-20

Okay ...okay I know that I'm a wee bit behind. Things have been crazy here the last week and I didn't have time to get on. But, here I am and ready to update. 

DAY 13

 The other part of the activity center was upstairs helping the kids with the rainy week that we had , so I guess they wanted to figure out a way to swing without the other half. Ha. I gotta give them the credit for being creative.

Day 14

 B and Caleb decided to go play downstairs as I was putting away laundry (we didn't have any daycare friends on this day so it was just the 2 of them playing together)
When I came downstairs...they were having a picnic together, it was so cute!! I just had to share.

DAY 15

Peaceful Ethan! 

Day 16
I love this picture of Caleb. 

Day 17

This was B's 4th Birthday. She had such a great day. I love this picture bc she was truly excited to open this present. 
Hard to believe that she isn't a baby, or toddler anymore..she's growing up into quite the little lady. 

Day 18 

Yet another rainy day! Breanna got a paint set for her they both decided to have some fun! I think more paint got onto their bodies then the paper...hahah

Day 19

For this day I forgot to take a picture (May 2nd) instead I added Ethan enjoying the swing in the yard. 

Day 20

The kids decided that the rain wasn't gonna stop them from playing outside.

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