Saturday, March 7, 2009

*Our New Wheels*

During the nice weather last summer, B and I were outside more then in. I knew that I needed to get a double stroller so that we could continue on even when Caleb was born.
Before hand we looked at various makes/models to find one that I would feel most comfortable with....I knew that a jogging one would be easier for me to push (especially with
all the hills on this street!!!)

We decided on the Baby Trend expedition double jogger, and so far it has been a fantastic stroller. Downfall however...some doors I cannot fit through . I need "WIDE LOAD" sign on my back while pushing this !!!

Haha it's great tho because both kids fit and Breanna can even listen to her music while we are out and about because it has an MP3 player hookup and speakers!

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