Saturday, April 23, 2011

*Holiday With Family*

Hope everyone had a great Good Friday with friends, family or whatever else you may have been doing.
We spent the day at my grandparents house. It was a day full of family, food and good laughs. 

Caleb was busy making tunes with his GGPA (my grandpa) and having a blast in the making -- not exactly sure how everyone else was feeling..or not hearing maybe I should say -- but who cares it totally made his day :)

 I'm sad that his head got up off bc this is such a cute pic of Ethan. He was such a happy baby yesterday!

 Secrets for Uncle Corey!

 Easter treats for the kids (round 1 of 3)


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Oh, the joys of Motherhood said...

It's so nice being around family sometimes. And having them entertain the kids lol