Wednesday, April 13, 2011

*Project 365*

One of my *Goals* for 2011 was to get more acquainted with my camera. I have a rebel xt and as much as I use it all the time ...I haven't even opened the manual for it. (and I bet you're sitting there laughing bc I am constantly taking pictures of my kids)

I heard about project 365 a few months ago, and thought it was a neat concept. Take a picture daily about whats going on in life and have memories for down the road and beyond. This is a good opportunity to play around with my Camera and maybe try some things that I haven't with it yet. 

So...starting tomorrow will be the first day in my project 365...I know you're excited :)


Heather said...

One of the scrapbooking forums that I am a member of uses this and scrapbooks thier layouts weekly. A good record.

And....I took some pics today in manual mode. Still lots to learn but I have stepped out of the "auto" zone :)

Oh, the joys of Motherhood said...

YAY! I think I'm going to start today too! :)