Thursday, September 8, 2011

*Meet The Teacher Day*

This past Tuesday was a big day for so many kids all over the country, parents get excited, and the kids just don't know what to think. BACK TO SCHOOL!
I haven't had to experience this as a parent in the past, until now.

Breanna is in Junior Kindergarden. All day (850-310) every other. She goes Tuesday/Thursday/ alternate Fridays.

We haven't had our "official" first day yet, but she got to go into her classroom to meet with her teacher. It went well, considering I was allowed to come play too. 

We colored, and played house. She picked out her cubby and hook, and we took a tour of the washrooms (bc as I was told, many kids get locked in on their first day)

All in all it was a great mini hour. She heads back for her first day September 13th.. Im hoping she is excited and walks right in herself, but I have a feeling that might not be what happens. 

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