Thursday, March 10, 2011

*365 DAYS*

March 10 - 2010 marked another day in life where we found out things were going to change..
Baby #3 was on the way! It was a day of tears and mixed emotions, but now looking back I'm thankful and will cherish that day forever. 
(***It's Also my brothers Happy Birthday Bill xoxo***)

Holy Cow...another baby!!! :) 

So many people in this world can't have kids. And I can't even imagine what it must feel like to hear that it's something that just won't happen naturally. My heart goes out to you all.  I've been lucky enough to have 3 beautiful and healthy kids...and I consider that a blessing!!! 

So I Thought that today would be a fun day to add a few captured shots that have happened from this past year. 365 days full of love, happiness, tears, fears and the best memories ever! 

This is only a face that a mom can love...and for sure it was bath time after this huge mess! Caleb was trying to feed himself, I always try to let them do it ....whether or not we need to go hose them off in the back yard after :)
I believe he was 13 months here

This Truck was the hi-light of Christmas 2010, and over a year later it's still going strong.

We watched the demolition of the house across the street that was turned into a parking lot for the Church. Although it saddened us all seeing them rip down over a dozen trees and a house full of character -- the kids enjoyed all the activity with the machines. I took this picture as a reminder 

Playing at the splash pad! 

Sharing a Moment at the beach (This is one of my favorite photos of all time)

We bought our trailer for summer vacationing! We got 3 months out of it last year so this year will bring many more adventures in the wilderness! And maybe some decorating :)

Marshmallows + Campfires= 1 sticky mess!

Caleb playing in the hay field. Pumpkin picking...he was 23 months!

November 25.10 - Getting ready for my Ethan to be born. I ended up having an emergency Csection...what a day that was! He had plans of his own to have a Thanksgiving Birthday!
Although I would never recommend a Csection to anyone that can have a baby naturally , I have to admit that it wasn't so bad. 

Catching up on some sleep Nov 27th. The day we got to come home.

Ethan and his big sister playing together


3 Months old already!!!! 

Now that my family is's time to see what the next year will bring us. Here's to the next 365 days! 

Until next time.

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