Monday, March 14, 2011


For those of you that are either pregnant, or are in the market for a baby carrier...Look NO FURTHER!!!
The Ergo is for you! 
I have been a baby wearer since my Daughter  was born. I started off with the Evenflo "Snugli" bc that's all I knew about. They sold those ones in most retail stores and most of the parents at the local parks had their babies strapped into these. I thought they were the greatest things EVER. Breanna loved being close to me, and I liked the hands free (although I always usually had a hand on her bc it didn't feel 100% secure)
What I didn't know is that after lugging around my 15lb 6 month old I'd have the worst shoulder pain EVER. 
However...she loved it and enjoyed being able to see the world from a higher standpoint. I just dealt with the pain in my back and shoulders. Sadly, my snuglis don't have love from me anymore. They sit collecting dust in my closet. I really need to find new owners who appreciate them.

Then when Caleb came around, I was introduced to the sleepywrap! Hello Heaven. This new found toy was Fantastic!! (and to this day I still love my sleepy) 
I found this to be very comfortable to wear. No pressure points at all, and it seemed that his weight was distributed evenly. When Caleb was 3 months old he got a terrible cold, and combined with teething it was one of the worst weeks of my parenting life. This is when that sleepywrap was my best friend. 
 The fabric of the Sleepy Wrap is a stretchy knit. I almost call it jersey.  With a greater density comes the benefits of durability, extra support, and security. It adjusts perfectly to your body, and is really light weight. It;s great for the warmer months! The give in the fabric makes it easy to wrap so that it fits just right. 
The only thing that I dislike about my sleepywrap is struggling to put a sleeping infant in after being in the car while running errands. ...this is where my love for the Ergo comes in.
I have always been curious about what the "hype" is when it comes to an ergo. Why the heck is it so darn expensive?? 
I purchased one and patiently waited for the mailman to ring the my excitement it arrived on Friday! 
Almost immediately after ripping open the boy...I threw it on and gave it a try with Ethan.
I enjoyed that it was light weight also, and the shoulder straps were really padded. This was great. Ethan loved being up and seeing everything and he loved getting to be skin to skin with me. 
I tested it out with a trip to the library. Ethan was very relaxed and enjoyed getting to see everything, he fell asleep. It made hands free for the other 2 simple. This Ergo is my favorite. I don't feel like he's gonna fall out, or of it getting lose at all. 
I like that it can be used as a back carrier, a front carrier or even for the hip. An infant insert can also be purchased allowing you to use it right from day 1. The baby can stay in kangaroo carry position from birth - around 4 months.

They are a bit costly. But...if you want a good investment that's gonna last start saving your pennies now. 
Research has shown that babies who are worn tend to be calmer, sleep better and cry less! 

For Mothers who believe in Attachment Parenting (like myself) this is for you!!! Enough said. :) 

..until Next time. 

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