Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*40 Things About Being A Mom*

Remember when everyone was doing the "25 Random Things About Me" last year on facebook?? I did did it..and I'm sure everyone posted it at least once.
I was on a popular Mom website Community earlier this week and came across the "25 Things About Being A Mom" and it got me thinking that I should try and write this out. I pulled out a pen and paper and ended up with much more then 25 is my list.

  1. My adult life started when DD was born April '07
  2. Laundry is NOT my friend
  3. I haven't slept an entire night since I was about 5 months pregnant and Beanna decided that she was a night hawk..
  4. Breastfeeding truly rocks -- and I've been a milk machine since 2007
  5. I miss my pre pregnancy jeans
  6. I love the newborn smell of babies
  7. I miss my pregnant belly and get jealous when I see them
  8. I secretly wish my babies would stay small forever. I don't want them to grow
  9. I love hearing laughs..especially when its all 3 of them laughing together
  10. Yesterday I used spit to clean a face...Doesn't every mom do that?
  11. Dishes usually are done when everyone goes to bed.
  12. Blanket forts REALLY are COOOL
  13. Cloth Diapering has become a big part of who I am
  14. If a plate is not touched for dinner - they won't starve
  15. Broken hearts already make me cry
  16. Smiles melt my heart
  17. Sometimes it's hard NOT to laugh
  18. Yet sometimes its hard Not to Scream
  19. Making the "right" decision sucks sometimes
  20. I can't enjoy "Me time" I miss them too much when I'm gone
  21. I feel guilty that I can't keep my house spotless
  22. I love baby wearing...especially dads babywearing :)
  23. Kisses before kids were never so slobbery, yet they're my favorite
  24. Hiding the broom doesn't work and "No Caleb thats not for hitting your sister with"
  25. My Morings start with "mommy" and usually end the same too.
  26. I hate winter even more now. Snowsuits take forever to get on.
  27. The 1-2-3 theory really does work
  28. My kids know how to use my Iphone better then I do
  29. I swear these kids could live off of Dill pickles and Crispy Minis
  30. All my clothes tend to have some sort of stain on them by the end of the day
  31. I don't get to shower every day. End of story.
  32. I think I've read Good Night Moon over a million times
  33. Why do I hear "I'm Hungry" 24/7?
  34. If I kick/step on or trip over another toy...I may just lose it.
  35. I probably give in more then I should
  36. I use the TV sometimes to get things done
  37. I've had 2 natural births and a csection
  38. Hearing "mom" for the first time makes it worth everything I do.
  39. I never knew I could love 3 little people as much as I love my kids
  40. I was meant to be a Mom.

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