Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*Turning Country...For An Afternoon That Is*

On Sunday, we packed up the car and headed to 2 different farms. The kids love animals, and with Caleb's love of "Tractor"...we thought they'd really enjoy it. A bonus is the night before it snowed, making the ground not as mucky. (Although leave it to me to get something gross -which was an unknown substance - all over my boots causing them to stain)

Our First Stop was the see the Clydesdale Horses. I instantly fell in love. B was great with them, not afraid or nervous around them at all.  Caleb was terrified and wouldn't go near them at first, but decided it was okay near the end. 
This horse is "Mojo" - he is almost as old as I am. He loves kids, which is why he was chosen out of the 5 of the clydes to come hang out with us. 
He was such a gentle giant. 

B was given the opportunity to ride him.. We didn't think she would want to, but no hesitation what so ever. That made her day!

This Horse "Todd" was mischievous..he kept trying to pull B's hat off. 
Caleb's part came next when it was time to see the big farm equipment.

Seeing them from afar is one thing, but being up close to these tractors is something else, Caleb was afraid of it's size...but once he was allowed inside and calmed down, it was all play. 

Of course, Steve thought it would be funny if I got in for some pictures. The kids took me for a "Ride"

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